Tantric massage with love and spirit


When I was a little girl I deeply desired to dance or play a musical instrument. I longed for the deep connection with music taking me into the most natural state of my soul.

This desire was fulfilled some years later - thanks to Tantra. 

Tantric massage feels like a dance on the body accompanied by the magic of music. 

When I massage I feel love, fulfilment and my soul is dancing with joy while it dives deep into another state of being.

Come and experience tantric massage with my loving and personal approach. 

I let my intuition to guide me and I nourish you with my open heart, tenderness, and love in every single touch. The power of my touch and its effects will linger inside of you for a very long time.

Let me lead you into the most profound dance in every cell of your body.

I am so looking forward to meeting you!

About tantric massage

Tantric massage is holistic: it includes your whole body from head to toe. 

We will not leave anything behind. Unlike other types of massages tantric massage includes private parts.

 It is deeply healing and it is beneficial on many levels.

There is time for a shower before and after.

I massage in sarong.

Gift voucher

Invite your loved ones into the world of body and spirit pleasure. Give them an extraordinary gift full of deep care and nourishment.


90 minutes - 160€

This whole-body tender massage uses the power of different types of touch. Enjoy the flood of various sensations and let your sexual energy, your life force gently wake up.

Intim massage included.


70 minutes - 100

Gentle whole-body massage rich in caring touches, spoiling your senses and pampering your whole existence. Tantric massage awakens and heightens gentle energy in your body and allows you to slideinto a deep state of relaxation that opens your body up to its self-healing abilities. This massage includes a head massage or feetmassage according to your choice.

 It does not include intim massage massageand is well suited as a gentle gateway to the world of tantricmassage - or as a present.


120 minutes - 240€

This tantric massage is deservedly called the pearl among massages. It will enchant you with its luxury, originality, and uniqueness. You will float into paradise as 120 minutes of sensual, juicy relaxation takes you into a higher dimension.

Intim massage included.


150 minutes - 280€

The power of diamond invites you into a VIP opportunity to dive deep into your soul. There you will feel every piece of your body. We have enough time to nourish everything that calls for our loving attention. We will dive deep and work through all the blockages and stiffness that are weighing you down. You will leave rebirthed.

Intim massage included.


180 minutes - 320€

Three hours of full body&mind relaxation will make your energy spread throughout your whole body, leaving you whit more clarity, determination, and insight. Onyx massage encourages strength and perseverance, it brings up your spiritual willpower and provides strong protection. Your body is guided into balance where your mind is ready to dissolve any obstacles holding you back from desired life changes.

Intim massage included.

There is 30 - 45 minutes extra time around every massage so you can take a shower, have a cup of tea and let it all sink in.